Zero Gravity

The idea of zero gravity or zero-G comes from NASA and what the astronauts have experienced in their many hours in space. When taking off from and re-entering the earth’s atmosphere, astronauts elevate their feet higher above their hearts, while keeping their heads slightly elevated. This zero gravity position helps to reduce the amount of force exerted on their bodies by the extreme speed at which they travel.

When we stand upright or in a normal sitting position, gravity naturally pressures our spines causing discs to compress and spinal muscles to contract to maintain a proper balance. For someone with back pain, this can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. When gravity is neutralized, muscles rest and discs return to their normal size and shape. This is the reason you are actually taller first thing in the morning than you are at the end of the day – because once you lie down your discs begin to be relieved of the pressures of gravity and the weight of your body.

Our Kleinsleep Adjustable Sleep Systems are designed to relieve the body of the pressures you experience during the day while in these upright or sitting positions. By extending your lower legs above the heart, your spine is allowed to decompress. Elevating the head you will allow to breathe easier and take in more oxygen with much less effort, the result is less pressure on your heart. This position has several benefits including:

Kleinsleep carries three different Adjustable Bases and combines them with our significantly healthier, pressure relieving and supportive mattresses. These mattresses are designed to follow the natural curves of the spine while providing full lumbar and upper back support, without the pressure points caused by traditional mattresses. The adjustable bases easily adjust from full upright position to full recline, making it easy to get in and out. Other features include massage and wireless remotes to name just a few.