Why Adjustable?

Why Adjustable Beds?We all work hard and sometimes like to play hard, as a result our bodies need to be properly re-charged every night. Our adjustable sleep systems allow you to maximize your sleep experience each and every night by giving you the ability to optimize the position of your body while you sleep. Our adjustable sleep system serves as an enhancement to our mattresses and allows you to take your sleep to the next level by simply pressing a button.

The common misconception is that adjustable beds are only for older people or people who are sick. And certainly they are a great benefit to people in either one of those categories. The real truth is that an adjustable sleep system can benefit anybody of any age.

Think about how many times you say were suffering from a cold and were congested and were having trouble breathing, so you put a few extra pillows under your head to try to help you breathe easier. By elevating the head of your adjustable bed you can double your oxygen intake, with half the effort. Or maybe your back was hurting so you put a few pillows under your knees or a pillow between your knees. You did this because the elevation helped to ease your back pain. The problem with the pillows is that they shift and move and do not really help much in the long term. Now imagine lying on one of our comfortable, pressure relieving and supporting mattresses and having the ability to elevate your head or feet simply by pressing a button. By having this ability it allows you to determine each night what position is most comfortable for your body. Whether it is back, shoulder, neck pain or just simply wanting the ability to adjust your body to the most comfortable position possible, an adjustable sleep system could be right for you.

The adjustable sleep system also offers some great lifestyle benefits as well. If you sometimes like to read in bed or maybe work on your laptop or tablet computer, by simply raising the head you can sit-up in a very comfortable position instead of having to put 4 or 5 pillows behind you. We also have models that are equipped with a relaxation massage allows you to simply take a break after a tough day and enjoy a relaxing gentle massage to help rejuvenate your body and mind.

Take a look at the questions below; if you answer yes to even just a few of them then an adjustable sleep system would definitely be a benefit to your mind and bodies health.

  1. Do you suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain at any time?
  2. Do you use more than 1 pillow at night?
  3. Do you or your partner snore?
  4. Do you experience aches or pains in your feet and legs?
  5. Do you ever experience trouble breathing at night?
  6. Do you currently sleep in a recliner?
  7. Do you ever experience aches or pains when you wake up in the morning?
  8. Do you suffer from circulation issues?
  9. Do you suffer from gastric reflux?
  10. Do you simply want to sleep better at night?

Health Benefits