Adjustable Sleep Systems FAQ

What Size Adjustable Beds do you offer?
We offer all the standard sizes such as Twin (38 x 75), Twin-XL (38 x 80), Full (54 x 75), Queen (60 x 80) and King (76 x 80- Two TXL 38 x 80) we also offer Full-XL (54 x 80).
Can I use your Adjustable Bed with my current furniture?
Yes you can. All of our Adjustable Sleep Systems are compatible with just about any type of furniture. Whether you have a head and footboard or just a headboard all of our models are designed to accommodate your existing furniture.
Are there any special electrical requirements for your bed?
No not at all. All of our models can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. The only thing we do recommend is that you use a surge protector so that in the event of an electrical storm your investment will be protected.
Do the motors require any maintenance?
No they do not require any maintenance at all. All of our motor systems are self contained and do not require any messy oiling or any type of service or maintenance whatsoever.
What type of mattress works best on your Adjustable Beds?
We offer two different types of mattresses to go with our sleep systems. Our Memory Foam Collection and our Terra Bed Organic mattress collection, both work very well with our Adjustable Sleep System and will both help to insure you get the very best sleep possible. It will simply boil down to which is most comfortable to you. Please stop by one of our showrooms and we will give you a full demonstration and help guide you to find the best option to meet your needs.
Do you deliver & Set it up in my home?
Yes we certainly do deliver and set-up in your home. We have our own professional delivery crew who will carefully bring it into your home, set it up and show you all the basics on operating it as well.
How long does it take for delivery?
Often times we have the product in stock and can deliver it to you in a day or two. If we do not have your choice in stock then you can expect it to be delivered in no more than 7-10 days.