Welcome to Adjustable Sleep by Kleinsleep. We offer the highest quality adjustable bases combined with the healthiest mattresses to give you the ultimate Adjustable Sleep Systems. Please take some time to browse our site and we are confident you will be impressed by the quality we have to offer.

Very simply, Kleinsleep is an oasis of honesty in a business not normally known for that quality. Jeff Klein runs his business the way that I would run mine : he offers real advice -- he has a deep knowledge of everything there is to know about mattresses. He carries brands that offer real value to the consumer and he recommends to his customers mattresses that fit their needs. Finally, Jeff offers a fair price for his products and services.

I shop for a mattress every 7 years or so. In the past I have literally dreaded the experience. Jeff helped me get what I needed quickly and at a fair price. Thank you very much. - Keneth B.

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